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Email Marketing

There's a common misconception in the digital marketing world, whereby many commentators suggest that 'email marketing is dead'. While, we believe that email marketing has most certainly changed over the years (and for the better), we strongly believe that email marketing is far from being dead.

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing using email to communicate regularly with your audience. Potential and current customers give you permission to market to them by opting into emails. By doing so, they receive information about your product, brand, specials, or events.

With an average 4,400% return on investment (ROI), email marketing is an affordable and highly effective way to generate and close more leads.

Think about it... when you receive a new friend request on Facebook or a new follower on Twitter aside from mobile app notifications, these powerful platforms send email alerts. If you then imagine how much time you spend online each day there's a good chance that most of your day is spent checking and working on emails with social media a close second. There's no doubt that email marketing and its role has changed, and therefore when it comes to using this channel to market your business, the right execution is absolutely key to have any chance of success.

We won’t say it’s some form of rocket science, but yes there are certain right-hand thumb rules which need to be followed.

Purpose Clarification

The reason behind executing email marketing needs to be clarified at the first place.

Outlining Goals

That is your target. This includes geographical, age, gender and the response you expect after targeting them.

Frequency Determination

Defining a reasonable mailing frequency, keeping in mind that the recipients must neither feel intimidated nor forget you.

Email Templates Design

Have a winning email marketing campaign content ready to go, but don’t have an equally happening template with it? VST provides custom-made HTML email templates that completely suits your requirements.

It is of utmost importance that you need to make your email template look:

  • Captivating
  • Extraordinary
  • Original
  • Unique

And we a will do all that for you and much more… After all, a well-designed email template is bound to give you winning results.

Customized email templates: Get a custom-made HTML template designed as per your choice. All you need to do is convey your requirements and leave the rest to us.

Client compatible templates: Avail target-based email templates that will best suit your client’s needs and necessities.


What's Included in Our Email Marketing Services

Services from our full-service email marketing agency always include a custom-designed email template, professional copywriting services, and advanced analytics tracking and reporting.


Building Opt-In Email List

  • Working with your team to add opt-in email signs up to contact forms
  • Utilizing other social media and paid strategies to continue to grow the list
  • Adding new opt-in sign-ups for before each new email blast


Designing Custom and Proven-Template Email Layouts

  • Analyzing what content most users interact with on your site
  • Working with experienced designer to create email template that fits your brand
  • Using data from previous email campaigns to incorporate proven design elements
  • 100% Original and well-designed eye-catching email campaign templates
  • HTML Templates that has been tested in every browser


Creating Custom Email Content

  • Working with your company and target audience to write valuable content for them
  • Running contests and giveaways to increase engagement
  • Designing for engagement and conversions


Tracking Your Email Campaigns

  • Tracking sends and delivery rates
  • Tracking open and click-through rates
  • Tracking web visits, leads, sales, and revenue for each email blast


Testing Your Email Campaigns

  • Split-testing subject lines
  • Split-testing send times and dates
  • Split-testing copy and offers
  • And more!


Advanced Email Marketing Strategies

  • Marketing automation
  • Customer retention email
  • Win-back email campaigns
  • And more!

58% of Revenue is generated by Segmented and Targeted Emails

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