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Experiments and Concepts

As a full-suite design, development, quality assurance and consultancy company, we enable business ideas to move from mind to market.

VST is End-to-end product development company for software engineering with all in-house design, R&D, and rapid prototyping. Prototyping gives you an idea of what your software will look like before it’s developed. Our team of engineers, UX and UI designers identify requirements and offer a complete picture of your application.

When it comes to prototypes, VST finds the right balance between form and function. Our UX and UI designers take into account key elements like structure, layout, and flow so users can navigate and log into your software product or application seamlessly. Not only that, our prototypes have a visual appeal that match your branding guidelines and appeal to users.


Our Prototyping Services

Research & Testing

Wireframes and prototypes allow feedback from users, stakeholders, and investors before starting full-scale development.

Web & App Designs

Mockups are viewed on mobile and desktop settings so that we can identify potential shortcomings in flow and usability.

Collaborative Communication

Designers, developers, and project managers work together to bridge communications and ensure an effective product.

Minimize Risk

Prototyping roots out major kinks before writing a single line of code. This guarantees all features perform effectively.

Perfect User Flows

Our UX and UI designers create smooth user flows to guarantee a product that is highly interactive and easy to use.

Visualize Your Product

Instead of a static screen, our software prototypes are clickable and use animations, gestures, transitions, and other effects.

Interactive Prototypes and Wireframes

The prototype experts and UX/UI designers at VST create solutions with their own understanding of how to develop production-ready features. Early working models and wireframes minimize risk by helping us discover unforeseen obstacles ahead of time. They also add a touch of visual appeal to your end product.

VST’s software prototyping services reduce development time considerably. Our developers build and test concepts to show how the product is meant to work on a functional, practical basis. VST has enjoyed proven repeated success through this high level of insight.

Our expert prototypers build and test concepts to clarify requirements and show how the product is meant to work on a functional, practical basis. Once a prototype is complete, our team discusses each element with your organization, stakeholders, and anyone else who may be invested in the software. Our team members enjoy proven repeated success through a high level of insight into your unique project.

Our Process


Our Approaches:

Proof of Concept

We initiate the proof of concept (PoC) as a preliminary exercise to test the solution that we have ideated. The main objective of initiating the PoC is to ascertain that our solution is viable and functional and also to understand if the idea is sustainable in evolving into the solution we have ideated. Our PoC doesn’t demonstrate how a solution will be developed; it just demonstrates whether the solution can be developed.

Functional Prototypes

Our functional prototyping of solutions helps us to experiment with design parameters and processes before deciding to go for full scale production. We are equipped with 3D printing machinery to produce sturdy functional prototypes that can undergo thermal, chemical and mechanical stress of product testing under everyday use parameters. This helps us save time, effort and cost that would otherwise be spent on tooling procedures.

Alpha and Beta

We undertake Alpha testing when our solution is almost ready to be presented to the market. The test involves simulation of real use scenarios in our laboratory to check for last minute issues with the solution before it reaches the market. Beta testing in comparison is a far more advanced test where we identify a limited number of end users who get to use the product in real life environment. This is the last test before the solution is released in the market.

Interface Design

We design the user interface by implementing a series of steps such as, PoC, functional prototypes, alpha and beta, interface design and clickable wireframe. While the PoC is a minor process that tests the design idea or assumption, prototyping is a more extensive process that helps you visualize how the solution will work. Alpha and beta, interface design and clickable wireframe are other important extensions of the prototype.

Clickable Wireframes

Our clickable wireframes offer an accurate representation of the information architecture, interactive features and overall usability of a website or software application. This is the nearest experience to real usability that we offer for a website or software application. The feedback from users of our clickable wireframes help us iron out whatever little issues there may be in the website or software application.

Why choose VST?


We are trustworthy, productive and we perform consistently well on developments. You receive what we promise while keeping your ideas safe.

Time to Market

We deliver timely results. We have your proof of concept validated in a short time, your prototype ready and attractive for investors and customers.


We ensure full transparency throughout the process. You always know what is happening thanks to regular communication with the remote team, just as if you were working with an in-house team.


We are a long-term partner that cares about your business and its growth. You get advice and hassle-free cooperation to improve your business model and product quality.

Our prototype will be the closest to the solution you always wanted

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