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Social Media Management (SMM)

What is SMM?

The tremendous evolution of social media platforms has transformed them as the new hub for brands to market their products and services.

  • The cross-channel promotion allows you to market your brand on various platforms.
  • With brand management, you can flawlessly plan and execute your SMM strategies.
  • It helps you to interact with your prevailing and target audience in social tone and nature.
  • Creative discussion empowers you to build distinct identity amidst the global audience.
  • With accurate analysis and reporting you can take better decisions to grow your business.
  • Social PR helps you build a better image and earn user loyalty effortlessly.

Let us manage your social media for you

With so many people using it every day, social media has become an important component of any marketing strategy. But it takes time to manage all those accounts and your online reputation, and that’s time away from managing your business, VST may be just what you need to drive new traffic to your business.

We measure our success through conversions and generating you qualified leads.


How SMM Works?

Social media channels have evolved as a new hub for brands to market their brand and attract the target audience. With us, you can stay assured to have unmatched presence amidst your potential buyers and can eventually convert them into your customers. Effectively conducted social media marketing will not only enhance your sales but will also help you boost your brand’s goodwill.


It lets you research understand the market condition and give you a close analysis on market condition, your competitors, and what your audience needs. This eventually helps you approach them accordingly.

Identify Opportunities

Business is largely about finding opportunities and converting them into fruitful results. SMM gives you sufficient space to find right opportunities for your business and eventually use them to grow your business.

Prioritise Opportunities

With the flawless implementation of SMM strategies you can not only identify opportunities but can also priorities them keeping your business goals in mind. Interesting! Don’t you think so?

Review and Report

SMM keeps you updated with real-time reviews and reports. The same subsequently becomes a crucial game changer in making better decisions and improvising implementations.

The top 8 social networks drove 31.24% of overall traffic to web sites - Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Significance of SMM

Increase organic traffic

With SMM you can improve your organic traffic without paying any extra penny for Google ads.

Brand visibility

Social media being the hub of a global audience, SMM empowers you by enhancing your brand’s visibility.

Get favourable results

It gives you the required fuel to achieve results which your efforts and business deserve.

Improve sales of service

Are you into providing services? Well, SMM has proved its role in increasing sales in the segment.

Increase profit

More visibility, better interaction, and increased sales together helps you increase your profit margin.

Brand exposure

The web world is ultra-competitive, brand exposure is the key to ensure your invincible space in the market.

Services offered by VST

Our social media experts closely analyze every minute aspect before building a personalized social media marketing strategy for your brand. They have an impeccable command in approaching audience based on location, age, gender etc.

Virtual Marketing

Your target audience is in the virtual world, we can help you reach them through custom strategies.

Fb Page Management

With its massive user base, Facebook is a favorite spot for global brands. We can help you manage it err-free.

Twitter Account Manage

With its rich and smart audience, managing a brand’s Twitter account indeed requires special skills.

Improve Site Conversion

We don’t just bring your audience to the site but also improve your on-site conversions.

Social Media Audit

Our experts closely analyze your social media performance to suggest and implement required strategies.

YouTube Channel Creation

Videos have their own way of the engaging audience. We help you build and grow your channel.

We offer a full range of SMM Services!

Behind every exceptional social media campaign is a great social media strategy, stunning social media design and content worth sharing. Businesses that use social media effectively are able to promote themselves in a very powerful way. There’s a lot that social media marketing can avail to your business. You just need the expert vision to unleash its benefits layer by layer.

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