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Data Management & Real-time Analytics

Does your enterprise have access to high-quality, accurate data that is integrated and readily accessible? Confronted by challenges of migration, integration, changing regulatory compliance and technology convergence, companies struggle to seamlessly manage and standardize the entire data lifecycle. A robust data management solution provides clarity for effective decision making, better risk management, lower operational cost and better analytics.

Turn your data into an asset you can rely on in times of critical decision making. Trust VST as your data management partner to comprehensively address your evolving data management requirements.

Customer-Centric Business Engagement Framework


Our data management and analytics services ensure that you have timely access to high quality data—data that is relevant, complete, and accurate—helping you gain competitive advantage. Our dedicated Center of Excellence for BI/DW and data management services leverages industry-leading Extract/Transform/Load (ETL) and Extract/Load/Transform (ELT) tools. We use ETL/ELT tools to design and populate analytic databases such as data warehouses, data marts and operational data stores.

We have dedicated Center of Excellences (CoEs) on key technology platforms including Business Objects, Microsoft BI, Informatica, Data Stage, Hyperion, SAS, and Microsoft SSIS.

Consulting Services

  • Enterprise Data Assesment
  • Big Data Strategy Definition
  • Big Data Lab on demand
  • Usecase Indentification
  • Idea to implementation

Architecture & Design

  • Cluster Capacity Planning
  • Hadoop Cluster Setup
  • Reference Architecture
  • Data Modeling

Advanced Analytics

  • Traditional BI (Reporting and Visualisation)
  • Predictive Analytics & Pattern Analysis (using Machine Learning)

Data Management (Development)

  • Data Ingestion Development
  • Custom Data Processing Development
  • Implement Data Lake and Data Warehouse
  • Integration with Enterprise DW and Applications
  • Hadoop Administration & Support

Data Quality Management

Errors in data need to be removed before various data sources can be integrated and analyzed. Our data quality management services help detect and remove data glitches so that you always have clean, trustworthy data for analysis.

Master Data Management

Business entities such as customer and product can have different definitions across departments. Through master data management, we iron out these differences to create a single system of record that gives complete and standardized information about your business.

Data Modeling

We analyze the various entities and relationships in the data before arriving at the most suitable data model that addresses your information needs. Data modeling serves as a road map for implementing an enterprise data warehouse.

Data Warehouse Development

We design and build enterprise data warehouses (DW) by integrating data from various Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) systems so that you have a consolidated view of your business data. Ad hoc queries and multidimensional analysis can be reliably executed on this data.

Data Migration

We provide a host of data migration services, including migration of legacy systems, integration of new systems with data warehouses, upgradation and maintenance of data warehouse applications, and production support for existing enterprise data warehouses.

Data management is the implementation of policies and procedures that put organizations in control of their business data regardless of where it resides. It minimizes the risks and costs of regulatory non-compliance, legal complications and security breaches. It also provides access to accurate data when and where it is needed, without ambiguity or conflict, thereby avoiding miscommunication.

Any kind of business data is subject to data management principles and procedures but it is particularly useful in rectifying conflict among data from duplicative sources.


Organizations that use cloud-based applications in particular, find it hard to keep data orchestrated across systems.

Common approach to data management is to utilize a master data file, called Master Data Management (MDM). This file provides a common definition of an asset and all its data properties in an effort to eliminate ambiguous or competing data policies. Benefits of data management include enhanced compliance, greater security, improved sales and marketing strategies, better product classification; and improved data governance to reduce organizational risk(s).

  • Big Data (IoT, CX, Customer 360, Customer Personalization, Fraud Detection)
  • Data Governance – link to Informatica Data Governance
  • Data Integration – link to Informatica Data Integration
  • Master Data Management (Metadata, Data Dictionary, etc.)
  • Data Quality – link to Informatica Data Quality
  • Data Provisioning/Data as Service (DaaS)
  • Data Compression
  • Data- Streaming Analytic Solutions

Tools We Use

  • Microsoft Power BI
  • (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, Powerpivot, Powerview)
  • Pentaho
  • Business Objects
  • Informatica ETL
  • Oracle BI Suite
  • Omniture Web Analytics
  • Tableau

Data Analytics

Unlock the true potential of your data to drive insightful business decisions.

Our data analytics solutions empower organizations to mine data for relationships and trends. Through advanced analytics, business leaders can identify patterns in consumer behavior, assess market developments, and predict future results with improved precision.


How will data analytics help your business?

The possibilities for applying data analytics in your business are endless. Here are a few common use cases our data analytics consulting team has implemented. Each industry and organization have different needs to make processes more efficient, products more exciting and customers more engaged. Business analytics help organizations reach for their goals by identifying patterns within the data.

Depending on the goals of the organization, consultants can work with company to determine which type of analytics will maximize their performance.

Descriptive analytics, diagnostic analytics, predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics all have their place in the workplace. They all work together to tell stories and help leaders make informed decisions.

Get insights from the data you already have, fast. Our elite cross-functional teams bring the agility of a startup and the scalability of an industry leader to you.

Strategic Decision-Making

Allow your data to tell a story about your short and long term issues while unlocking hidden sources of efficiency and profits.

Data Management

Ensure that your data is of the highest quality and accurate while creating critical planning tools for organizational growth.

Data Visualization

Go beyond the pie chart and histogram with next-level data presentation that’s always up-to-date.

Calculate LTV

Calculate Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) and gain crucial insights about customer loyalty, segmentation, and behavior.

Experience a magical shift in business through our distinctive Data Analytics Services

Let our profound intelligence in data analytics help you take the right turn

Cost-Effective Data Analytics

We believe in delivering cost-effective data analytics solution which includes BI tools, strategies, and analytics that helps in reducing cost with more efficient implementation

Improved Decision Making

We provide enterprises with organized data management using big data which enhances the successful and timely decision making capability for the authorized personnels

Experienced Professionals

We have experienced and skilled professionals who deliver end-to-end solution to ease client's challenges. Thus, we make sure customer satisfaction is achieved

Data Analytics Practice

The VST’s Real-time Data Analytics practice assists insignificant or refinement your BI plans. It boosts the return on your Data analytics strategy and platform investments



Financial Services

Healthcare and Life Sciences



Our data analytics consulting services team is a hard working and experienced group of data experts who will get the job done. We pride ourselves on our company culture based on CTL+BE — community, transparency, learning, builders, and excellence. We work hard to earn your respect by getting excellent work done efficiently.

Extract Insights from your Data Using Advanced Analytics Techniques and Technologies

Tell us about your Data Management and Analytics projects and we’ll provide you with free consultation.

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