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DevOps Consulting

IT agility defines the success or failure of an organization in a world driven by technological innovation. As DevOps consultants, we enable businesses to adapt and stay nimble with cloud-native technology, automation, and continuous delivery models. While these technologies can be easier to adopt for start-ups, it requires a more concerted effort in traditional enterprise settings.

Traditional businesses function with historically isolated teams protecting conflicting interests (change vs stability) and hence lack the ability to respond to rapidly changing business environment. DevOps transformation aims to replace this siloed approach with a single value stream connecting customer, design, production, and delivery through incremental improvement. It calls for changes at three levels: organization structure, culture, and technology stack.

Our DevOps consulting services help organizations integrate their development and operations teams through the adoption of cloud-native technologies that streamline and automate their workloads. The result is a fast, secure and flexible enterprise that can swiftly adapt to changing market by leveraging efficient and continuous delivery, reduced complexity and reusable workloads. Such collaboration and productivity will help you achieve your business goals and compete more effectively in the market.

How DevOps helps businesses?

Business agility

DevOps enables business agility through quick iterations and frequent releases of your software product that results in higher efficiency & business agility.

Improved productivity

DevOps as a service can empower each of your team members and help them stay constantly upward in productivity and deliver more output.

Increased ROI

DevOps as a service can lead you toward valuable business opportunities by using critical data and insights through continuous monitoring.

Increased customer satisfaction

DevOps helps to quickly adapt to changing customer demands and helps you stay ahead of the competition.

Quick bug resolution

DevOps helps businesses in incorporating new functionalities to their products continuously while identifying & fixing bugs simultaneously.

Time for innovation

DevOps streamlines and automates processes of end-to-end product development & delivery cycle, leaving you with more time to innovate and experiment with new ideas & features for improvements.


How VST Can Help

DevOps consulting

Being a competent DevOps company, VST provides optimal DevOps consulting services to improve product development as well as operations with tailor-made DevOps strategy that is just for you.

Source code management

We leverage the best tools available like SVN, Git, CVS, and Mercurial to ensure that all members stay on top of the latest changes to source code. In addition, we also maintain all revisions of code files, automate the commit, facilitate version and tagging.

Infrastructure automation

We understand that every product is different, which is why our highly skilled DevOps engineers cherry pick tools to provide the Infrastructure as Code (IAC), an automated programmable infrastructure.

Continuous integration

Continuous Integration means incorporating all changes made to the software build in a timely manner. Our DevOps engineers use best-in-class tools like Jenkins, Bamboo, and CodeShip to put continuous integration in place.

Testing automation

Our automation engineers use Maven, Selenium, and JUnit to automate functional testing and Acunatix, Burp suite, and Jmeter to automate performance testing, ensuring that product meets all functional requirements.

Cloud deployment

VST provides personalized cloud deployment services based on the client’s desire to translate on-premise software, products, and datastores to leading cloud-based infrastructure services like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

Industry recognition


  • Evaluating current DevOps practices, auditing infrastructure and release pipeline
  • Identifying repetitive tasks and area of improvements
  • Evaluation of tools and technologies usage
  • Delivering detailed assessment report and providing future roadmap and implementation plan


  • Automation of different workflows and processes based on feedback from detailed assessment report
  • Continuous delivery pipeline for increasing productivity
  • Usage of our robust ecosystem of open source and licensed tools & technologies to help creating stable and reliable environment


  • Release and change management
  • Setting up effective monitoring processes to keep your environments up and running
  • Performance optimization on regular basis
  • Collaboration, communication and integration


VST offers key features to an Enterprise – Culture and Mindset; Automation and Tools; Measure, Test and Rectify; and Sharing.

These key features provide the following benefits:

  • Breaks organizational silos
  • Emphasizes on collaboration and communication
  • Automates processes
  • Creates or use accelerators
  • Uses tools which compliment thought process
  • Monitors and track performances of systems and processes
  • Tests everything to ensure quality
  • Uses monitoring data to rectify issues
  • Shares cross-team trainings on different tools and technologies

Tools & Technologies

VST always keep up with the latest tools and technologies to deliver the best solution possible to our clients. We leverage the following technology stack to provide DevOps as a service.


Hire DevOps developers to build competitive solutions

Contact us now as we are reliable Agile Software Development Company, helping organizations to release their software faster without cost overruns.

Fixed Cost

It is the right choice for the projects that have specific development requirements and scopes.

Time & Material

The engagement model allows to pay only for the resources and time you use for the project.

Offshore Development Center

We set up an offshore development center and IT infrastructure for the ongoing project.

We partner with you to understand your business objectives and product needs to maximize results. If you have a project requirement or an idea, our team can help you with the best solutions.


E-commerce Analytics

Digital Advertising Analytics

Oil & Gas

Supply Chain Management Analytics

Healthcare Analytics

Finance Analytics

Manufacturing Analytics

Education Analytics



VST understood what was needed to make my vision of developing eCommerce site come to reality and work diligently to achieve all tasks needed to bring it to life. What I really liked about them is their commitment, flexibility, and professionalism throughout the project so I highly recommended them for the custom development services


ENOC, Head of Business Operations

Transform your enterprise with complete VST’s DevOps solution

Talk to our DevOps consultants to identify changes needed in your organization. Kickstart the transformation with a readiness assessment.

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