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Enterprise Modernization

Embrace the New

Your traditional systems which rendered great business value at one point of time have turned into outdated legacy applications now. Patch-up strategy with the aim to achieve short-term business gains has created incompatibilities. This significantly restricts your ability to scale or extend the functionality of existing systems.

Legacy system modernization is the strategic step that most organizations are moving towards. Enterprises have different app modernization needs. It ranges from getting a quick facelift to their existing applications to changing their system architecture for easier maintenance and scaling.

If you are spending more time and IT budget on simply maintaining your traditional applications rather than new innovations and digital transformation, then modernizing these applications to give a new lease of life should be a top priority. However, modernization isn’t about a mere change of code, tools and features, but the way you transfer information into new environments – quickly, cost-effectively, and most importantly, without losing data quality and integrity.


ST’s modernization services enable organizations to make systems, people and processes future ready. As a strategic partner with deep domain and technology experience in modernization solutions, we help our clients transform their legacy systems into modern, efficient, and responsive systems.

We at VST, help enterprises modernize applications with our portfolio of platforms. These platforms can quickly turn around non-performing systems by migrating them to modern, sustained solutions. Partner with us to bring in a systemic change in your application architecture and delivery to drive new efficiencies and sustain without losing steam – all this without any disruption to your current business operations.

Services Offering

Application Modernization Services We Provide

VST offers different services to help businesses get the most value from their existing legacy applications in the long term. We make the main focus on redeveloping existing WinForms apps into universal apps, re-designing front-end and UI legacy apps without disrupting the back-end and the core features. Moreover, our team implements an integrated approach that allows modifying legacy UI and extending the functionality of your apps.

Application migration services

Quicker and cost-effective way of modifying legacy systems (migration to a new programming language) to minimize disruption to the business.


The most effective and agile method that involves proven technique to rebuild legacy applications in a new technology or platform, with same or expanded functionality.

Application re-platforming

Moving your apps to more modern, less expensive and more effective technology platforms.

Improvement of UI

A couple of quick, simple techniques and frameworks, which help to modify and make UI better.

Package implementation

The substitution of legacy applications, in whole or some features.

Application Delivery

We help businesses transition to ‘Agile DevOps’ with our ecosystem of DevOps automation tools and platforms, by making your process predictable, repeatable and automated. This significantly bringing down the cost of DevOps and achieve zero downtime during deployment.


VST's modernization services provide a metrics-based framework to help you choose from different methods available – web-enabling, re-engineering, re-hosting, integration, and new development, which are all delivered via the global delivery model. Our specialization in application modernization services includes:

  • Migration: modernizing legacy systems in an efficient and cost-effective way
  • Re-engineering: rebuild applications in a new platform with improved functionality, such as SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)
  • Re-hosting: without significant changes, migrating legacy applications into a different platform
  • Package implementation: reinstating legacy applications with an off-the-shelf software

The benefits of modernizing legacy IT systems

VST's modernization approach reduces risk and lets you harmoniously modernize your applications without disrupting the current process in your business. The advantages of modernization are clear.


Modernized IT systems can be changed faster, enhancing the agility of your business so it can respond more quickly to market dynamics.

Scalability and stability

Our specialized expertise helps you address challenges associated with legacy software such as Microsoft Visual Basic, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Commerce Server and Microsoft SharePoint Server.

One global enterprise

Integrated modern platforms and services enable teams to work more seamlessly, effectively and securely across geographies, business units and partners.

Improved engagement

Engagement increases when you give everyone a better user experience and provide a platform for increased productivity, creativity and innovation.

  • Avoid data redundancy by integrating various applications.
  • Save money while reducing maintenance costs
  • Get more out of your existing IT systems over the long-term while cutting expenses and disruptions
  • Hardening security using features like multi-tenant security and user privilege parameters
  • Achieve faster results through flexible teams that can be quickly assembled and deployed


E-commerce Analytics

Digital Advertising Analytics

Oil & Gas

Supply Chain Management Analytics

Healthcare Analytics

Finance Analytics

Manufacturing Analytics

Education Analytics

Revitalize Your Apps for a New Business Reality

We can help to boost the efficiency and agility of your applications.

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