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Quality Assurance & Testing Services

The quality of a product depends not on coding standards, software specifications, version control software or testing tools but on the hands of the people performing analysis, coding, testing and documentation.

With multidisciplinary QA capabilities at hand, we make sure the solutions built by our team or 3rd party vendor function as expected, are convenient to use, and scale flexibly along with your business. We have custom processes for testing apps, devices, and IoT systems. Our QA services will help you establish concrete control over your product and applications' life cycle, monitor every development stage, and give you accurate product quality information. For over a decade, our QA experts have been using the latest practices and technologies to ensure efficient performance and high-quality project implementation for the world's largest enterprises, aiding in delivering solid software on time.

Our QA experts will develop a software testing strategy that will work for your business and bring guaranteed results.

Software Quality Assurance & Testing Services

Full Cycle Software Testing

As a specialized Software Quality Assurance and Testing services company, VST offers full lifecycle quality assurance testing which includes all stages of development, as well as advanced stages like mobile testing, localization testing, exploratory testing, desktop app and usability testing.

Outsourced Testing

Highly skilled, certified quality assurance service providers with proven track record of handling waterfall, agile and hybrid methodologies; specialists in manual and Black Box testing ensure smooth functioning of solutions across all platforms.

Custom Testing

Designing a comprehensive mix of testing infrastructure for web, mobile, server-side systems and devices to ensure steady quality and smooth functioning of software solution. Testing modules designed to analyse for end-to-end interfaces as well as singular elements.

Optimised Software Quality Testing

VST being experienced software testing services company plugin its skilled QA testers in the early stages of project development to ensure a transparent development lifecycle

Requirement gathering and analysis

Reviewing project documentation and pulling up a blueprint in alignment with business needs.


Testing cases design and implementing automated testing as per client’s requirement.

Implementation or coding

Maintaining code quality as per design interims and testing script updates.


Testing execution, identifying red flags, verifying re-engineered defects and regression testing.


Conducting acceptance testing, verifying scope, checking deliverables and reporting final test results.


Efficient and quick troubleshooting, implementing risk mitigation strategies, round the clock support.


Our Expertise

Manual QA Testing

Identify errors and implement correctional strategy before final deployment with VST’s optimised Manual Software Testing and QA Services. Our expertise lies in the following:

  • Smoke Testing
  • GUI Testing
  • Database Testing
  • Sanity Testing
  • Exploratory Testing
  • Functional and Regression Testing
  • Product Verification Testing
  • Browser Compatibility Testing
  • End to End Testing

Web Testing Automation

Test the functionality of web-based applications with an in-depth approach, exceptional precision and speed by creating cases; run cross-browser UI tests with real user activities through software testing and quality assurance.

  • Smoke Testing
  • Functional testing
  • Regression testing
  • Integration testing
  • Field validation testing
  • UI and mock-up testing
  • Acceptance testing
  • Cross-browser testing

Mobile App Testing and Automation

Deal with complex device modules, handle user queries and deploy software solutions across several mobile devices; Create and execute integrational, functional, system and UI tests powered by software testing and quality assurance.

  • Functional Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • User Experience Testing
  • Localization Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Native apps testing
  • Web apps testing
  • Cross-platform app testing and support

Performance Testing

Smart software testing services run systems in high volume for complex applications and checks for possibilities of web crash; acquaints solution to extensive load for smooth functioning during.

  • Load Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Performance Assessment

API Testing Automation

Speed up the functioning of APIs – owned or third party, ensure their smooth workability and rule out API task complexities with quality assurance in software testing services.

  • Non-UI functional testing
  • Component integration testing

Integration Testing

We check how the software product interacts with external modules, systems and third-party integrations like payment gateways.

Security testing

We perform security testing to ensure there are no vulnerabilities in the software that could lead to data loss or unstable work.

Tech Stack and Tools - What Our QA Testers use

Our certified QA testers with the best-in-class tools and tech stack for Software Testing and QA


Why VST?

Verify the usability, performance, and security of your product, quickly and cost-effectively, to deliver a better experience.

VST believes in ultimate quality. We have been carrying out high quality testing services for clients around the globe for over twentry years. With our experience and dedication, you can be sure that all your software is taken care of properly prior to release with no compromises.


Improve the quality of your software product with our team that performs both manual and automated testing of any complexity according to your needs.


Reduce time-to-market and development costs, optimise and simplify routine testing processes, with a minimum set of tools and scripts.


Deliver a seamless user experience through the performance testing that helps to address issues long before your users ever see your product.


We believe that teamwork, transparency, and communication with our clients are the right way to best software product building.


We deliver since 2016 and have been growing ever since, our team and expertise are expanding from year to year to meet client needs.

20+ Years of Experience

Matured Processes

Expert Engineers

In-house Knowledge Centre

150+ Clients

VST is a one-stop shop for companies looking to evaluate the quality and performance of any technology solution: hardware, firmware, apps, and IoT. We offer Quality Assurance and Testing services as an integral part of hardware and software development projects.

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