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Software Selection Consulting Services

VST is the leading, independent consulting and advisory firm uniquely focused on helping our clients cut through an overwhelming amount of information to narrow down the best software solution options for their specific business needs and digital transformation — at the best price and on the best contract terms.

VST helps you find the software solution matching your company! Our consultants are 100% neutral with regard to vendors and their resellers and they support your with profound methods, efficient tools and their longtime experience.

The selection of a new software is one of a company's more risky tasks: After all, there is a lot of money at stake when a new ERP, CRM, DMS or other business software is to be purchased and implemented. At the same time, the persons involved in the project must bear a high additional workload which may well affect daily business.

Our Process

Process Design

Sustainable business process management: efficiency and transparency without a half-time.

Requirement Specification

Our requirement specification templates guarantee the efficient and all-over documentation of one’s own requirements.


Market search and invitation to tender to a qualified distribution list.

Enterprise systems such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM), and HR/human capital management (HCM) have promised great benefits. Few companies today can remain competitive without implementing enterprise software functionality and capabilities.

For most applications, organizations no longer need to build large custom systems. Commercial software is now available for horizontal applications, such as accounting systems, ERP systems, CRM systems, and also for industry-specific systems in nearly every industry sector.

Challenges in System Selection

However, evaluating, selecting, and implementing a new enterprise system is becoming more and more difficult. The underlying technologies are changing. Some systems look good on the surface but may not be the best fit for specific industries. Others may not provide flexibility for the future. Still others may be overkill for small and midsize businesses. Vendor viability, software reliability, and ease of implementation must also be considered.

Finally, there have been many mergers and acquisitions among enterprise software vendors since the turn of the millennium, and it is not always clear whether a particular system is really part of the surviving vendor's product road map for the future. This is especially the case when evaluating solutions from vendors that have done major acquisitions, such as Oracle, SAP, Infor, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, Epicor, Aptean, and others.

Cloud-based systems add another level of complexity to the decision. Is the vendor's cloud ERP offering really software as a service (SaaS)? Or is it merely the vendor's traditional on-premises ERP now offered in a hosted data center as a managed service? And, does it matter? How do cloud solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle NetSuite, Salesforce, Workday, Plex, FinancialForce, Sage Intacct, Acumatica, and others, compare with traditional vendors offering cloud-versions of their solutions?

Choosing the right enterprise system requires an organized approach: assessing business processes, building the business case, analyzing key requirements, screening vendors, and organizing demonstrations. But who has the experience, time, resources, and tools to do it right?

Our Software Vendor Evaluation Process Is Focused

VST is the right choice for independent consulting in enterprise software selection and vendor evaluation. Our methodology is focused and effective according to the following principles.

Envisioning the future

The new system should not just replicate old ways of doing business. Our approach begins with business process framing to assess current business processes, comparing them to better business practices, understanding how the business is changing, what the new system must do to support the future business.

Focus on key issues, not a lengthy RFP

In understanding your business, our software selection consultants focus on differentiators: the things that make your organization different from others and things that make enterprise software vendors different from one another. We structure these into a concise Request for Information (RFI) to use in our initial vendor qualification. The Request for Proposal (RFP) comes near the end of the process, after you've determined the finalists.

Getting to a short list efficiently

Many buyers make the mistake of starting their software selection projects by talking to vendors. Our software selection consultants, on the other hand, shorten the list of candidate vendors in a three-step qualification funnel that gets you to the right solution without taking up inordinate amounts of time from your project team.

Evaluating implementation consultants as well as software vendors

Too many software projects fail, not because the customer chooses the wrong system but because the implementation consulting firm is not qualified. Our vendor introduction and reference-checking phases ensure that you not only have the right system but the right system implementation consultants as well.

Absolute and total independence

Because we do not sell software or partner with technology vendors for implementation services, our software selection consultants have the independence and objectivity necessary to give unbiased advice. We sit on your side of the table only.

No conflicts of interest

Nearly all of the free "software evaluation tools" are marketing websites in disguise. They make their money by selling your contact information to vendors as sales leads. In contrast, VST only provides management consulting services. We are not in the business of generating leads for vendors.

Our software selection consulting services do not end with vendor selection. With our execution services, we can continue our engagement through implementation of the chosen system.

Let our experts help you:

  • Optimize your enterprise IT strategy
  • Gather your business software requirements
  • Long- and shortlist marketplace solutions
  • Score and evaluate software options
  • Facilitate the RFP/RFQ process
  • Review and negotiate contracts and pricing
  • Oversee your software implementation
  • Review and negotiate services contract renewals

Depending on the client situation, we may take one of three approaches to the software selection project:


  • RFP 5-6 vendors
  • Demos 3 vendors
  • Timeline 12-13 weeks


  • RFP 3 vendors
  • Demos 3 vendors
  • Timeline 8-9 weeks


  • RFP 1 vendor
  • Demos 1 vendor
  • Timeline 5-7 weeks

Software Functional Needs Assessment and Gap Analysis

We will work with you to identify the core functional requirements that are needed for the company, including:

  • Assisting with creating a business case that describes the problem or opportunity and how the new software will solve the problem or develop the opportunity.
  • Supporting the creation of a project team and a project plan that will clarify outcomes, roles, milestones, and communication vehicles.
  • Helping to define the desired outcome so that the software meets your current and future needs.
  • Interviewing key users and surveying select groups regarding their functional needs and alignment to strategy. This includes users that enter transactions into the system, as well as stakeholders who rely on management reporting or other information from the system and owners of other integrated applications.
  • Compiling the functional system requirements and working with the project team to prioritize the requirements. This includes collecting non-functional requirements, such as audit, security, privacy, and other items to consider.
  • Assisting in documenting a gap analysis, which identifies the gaps in the current system in meeting the identified core needs.

Demonstrations and Vendor Selection

We will serve as a project manager alongside the project team to identify the vendors to receive the request for information or proposal, coordinate the responses and demonstrations, and provide evaluation tools to the project team for a successful vendor selection process.

1 Initiation & planning
2 Requirements gathering
3 Vendor evaluation
4 Vendor selection

Project Management and Advisory Support

  • Provide project management and support to the project team during implementation and post-implementation assessment.
  • Availability of subject matter experts across our firm to support technology, accounting, and tax issues that arise during implementation.

While most start this process with the goal of replacing an existing system, in some cases updating or improving processes within the current system is all that is needed. Additionally, if you're not ready for a full functional needs assessment or have a specific problem you're trying to solve, consider a software check-up. This could include review of the existing software or specific gap to identify opportunities for process efficiencies, upgrades, training, reporting, spreadsheet reduction, third-party add-ons, integrations with other systems, and security to better utilize your people, processes, and technology.

Don't Rush. Do it Right the First Time

The decision to select new software will affect your organization for the next 10 -15 years. When you utilize our system requirement and assessment services, you can have peace of mind about the whole process. Contact our software selection consultants for an independent perspective.

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