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Application Security

Application security is the discipline of processes, tools and practices aiming to protect applications from threats throughout the entire application lifecycle. Cyber criminals are organized, specialized, and motivated to find and exploit vulnerabilities in enterprise applications to steal data, intellectual property, and sensitive information. Application security can help organizations protect all kinds of applications (such as legacy, desktop, web, mobile, micro services) used by internal and external stakeholders including customers, business partners and employees.

Web, mobile, and desktop applications capture and hold sensitive corporate and customer data. However, they are highly vulnerable – 80% of cyberattacks occur at the application layer. Until recently applications were viewed as low risk because they were largely internal, so securing the infrastructure was the priority instead. But applications are now open to the world.

Knowing there are vulnerabilities in your code is only half the battle. VST Application Security Services help ensure that AppSec program success, with expert guidance, faster remediation, technical support and the opportunity to bring more application security knowledge into your own organization.

Our Application Security Consultants help you prioritize remediation, provide context around fixes, review mitigation proposals, and launch a secure application with one-on-one coaching.

We offer application security solutions at every stage of development including Secure Development Training, Secure Code Reviews, Vulnerability Assessments, and Penetration Testing.


VST offer a wide range of software security and quality services to help you build security in, including:

Secure Development Training

We offer cost effective in-house training based around the OWASP Top 10 and SANS Internet Storm Centre research. Through our training, you can be sure that your developers undergo a program that is kept up-to-date and relevant to users.

Threat Modelling

This is an early stage application risk assessment that analyses your application, its purpose and possible use cases. We are then able to present threats and attack vectors that you should be conscious of.

Vulnerability Assessment

During a vulnerability assessment, we scan an application for OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities both as an authorized and unauthorized user. Discovery is followed by vulnerability prioritization and provision of guidelines for remediation.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing, DAST, SAST, and Mobile Application Security Testing to address your unique testing requirements and risk profile. The aim of this test is to identify vulnerabilities and then exploit them for validation. The results are presented in a report and prioritized according to their risk level. The report also includes recommendations for cost effective and actionable remediation strategies.

Secure Code Review

A Secure Code Review identifies security flaws in code early in the development. This includes identifying weaknesses that may allow exploitation or abuse of the application.

Secure Architecture

During this phase, we are able to identify flaws and weaknesses in the design components based on the threat landscape and OWASP Top 10.

Web application protection on autopilot

VST requires no daily intervention on your part. Just whitelist your trusted partner bots, and VST will then handle all your unwanted traffic. Your web application protection runs on autopilot.

Of course, your mobile apps and APIs are protected, too. Since real users behave differently depending on the interface, VST uses dedicated algorithms to protect each of them.

  • Website
  • Login and other forms
  • RSS
  • Mobile app API
  • Mobile app login API
  • Machine-to-machine API

Benefits of Secure Application Development

Reduce Risk

Testing applications early in the SDLC, greatly reduce the risk of exposure to a damaging security breach

Build digital trust

Accelerate innovation and initiatives with confidence

Accelerate GDPR compliance

Place compliance at the heart of your application layers

Reduce CAPEX

Instead of Investing in costly and hard to maintain tools, buy security testing services as needed

Reduce Time to Market

We offer high reactivity services that do not delay time to market and shorten development timescales

Software release certified to comply with security standards

Protecting applications processing personal and sensitive information is critical. Security standards help organizations stay secured

Reduce the attack surface

Limit the opportunities for hackers to attack

Keep your focus on business

Audit applications regularly across the board

Cut costs

By fixing security vulnerabilities before production, when it becomes very expensive to assess and remediate issues efficiently

Why choose VST?

  • We're a recognized leader in software security and quality.
  • Our tools and services integrate seamlessly into DevSecOps and your SDLC.
  • We help you find and fix defects in proprietary code, open source components, and application behavior.
  • Our mission is to help you build secure, high-quality software now and for years to come.
  • We identify open source, security and quality risks for M&A due diligence.



VST has earned a reputation for being a trusted application security advisor by delivering world-class services to its clients.

Richard Clarke

CISO, CrowdEndue

You Trust Us with Your Application's Security. We'll Do the Rest

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